Honesty and Its Friend, Humility

Just as the gospels say that Jesus was called ‘beloved’, so too, are we seen likewise in the eyes of God. Hearing that is not always easy, in fact coming to accept that takes years of unmasking, shedding and stripping bare the false self we put on (consciously and unconsciously),  till we are brought face-to-face with who we are.

Honesty is a key figure in this neck of the woods, and let’s not forget its partner-in-crime, humility. Without one, the other rarely shows its face in full light. Both work together in an interlocking relationship of surrendering to truth and having the courage to face it.

There is a beautiful example of this, which must be shared here (and in my opinion, over and over again.) It is a song called Gurrumul History (I Was Born Blind) by indigenous Australian singer and songwriter, Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu. The lyrics for your reference are:

I was born blind, and I don’t know why
God knows why, because he love me so
as I grew up, my spirit knew
then I learnt to read the world of destruction
united we stand, divided we fall
together we’ll stand, in solidarity

Ŋarranydja dhuwala Batumaŋ
ŋarranydja dhuwala Djarrami
ŋarranydja dhuwala Djeŋarra’
ŋarranydja dhuwala Gurrumulŋa

I heard my mama, and my papa
crying their hearts in confusion
how can I walk? Straight and tall
in society please hold my hand
trying to bridge and build Yolŋu culture
I’ve been to New York
I’ve been to LA
I’ve been to London
ŋarranydja Gurrumul

United we stand, divided we fall
Together we’ll stand, in solidarity

Ŋarranydja dhuwala Barrupa
ŋarranydja dhuwala Dhukuḻuḻ
ŋarranydja dhuwala Maralitja
ŋarranydja dhuwala Ŋunbuŋunbu

Y..e, wo wäŋawu Garrapala
Dhamutjpirr, Dhamuŋura

English translation:
I am Batumaŋ (ancestor)
I am Djarrami (ancestor)
I am Djeŋarra’
I am Gurrumulŋa (ancestor)

I am Gurrumul

I am Barrupa (my ḻikan)
I am Dhukuḻuḻ (my ḻikan)
I am Maralitja (my ḻikan)
I am Ŋunbuŋunbu (my ancestor)

Y.e wo of the country Garrapala
Dhamutjpirr, Dhamuŋura

The rawness is palpable, and the honesty, inspiring. Only in accepting ourselves first, can we then only begin to bless others and show them their belovedness.

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