Women Who Met Through Suffering

This is the story of a meeting and friendship between an American mother whose son was lost in the tragedy of September ’11 and a woman whose son is locked up, now lost to her because of his association with the terrorist act. These are remarkable but also everyday women.

Here are their words of reconciliation, companionship and solidarity:

For all the women, all the mothers that give life, you can give back, you can change. It’s up to us women, because we are women, because we love our children. We must be hand-in-hand and do something together. It’s not against women, it’s for us, for us women, for our children. | Aicha el-Wafi, mother of Zacarias Moussaoui

And of compassion:

But we were all so nervous. “Why does she want to meet us?” And then she was nervous. “Why did we want to meet her?” What did we want from each other? Before we knew each others’ names, or anything, we had embraced and wept. Then we sat in a circle with support, with help, from anything, we had embraced and wept. Then we sat in a circle with support, with help, from people experienced in this kind of reconciliation. And Aicha started, and she said, “I don’t know if my son is guilty or innocent, but I want to tell you how sorry I am for what happened to your families. | Phyllis Rodriguez

Here’s the TED talk. Enjoy and share.

For Reflection:

What new insights do we gain from these women? How does their story speak to our story?

3 thoughts on “Women Who Met Through Suffering

  1. More and more I believe in the unique quality that women-friendships and cooperation seem to have and indeed, need for the welfare of society. Don’t you?

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