Best name of them all: “Faithful Companions of Jesus”

KEEPING COMPANYA distinguished lecturer and religious sister whom I studied with said to me recently, “I was thinking about them [the Faithful Companions of Jesus] the other day. Out of all the names, their’s is the best one.”

It’s not the first time I’ve agreed with her, but to hear her say that was something special and something that made me proud.

And so as we enter into Holy Week, bring your thoughts not only to the Lord but also to the memory of Marie Madeleine who said and lived:

My name is Magdalen; I will follow my patron saint who so loved Jesus, her good Master, as to accompany him in his journeys and his labours, ministering to him even to the foot of the Cross with the other holy women who did not, like the apostles, abandon him but proved to be faithful companions. – from the Memoir of Fr Jeantier SJ, 1860

By doing so, we ask her in prayer to intercede for us, that we may be in our own ways, faithful companions of Jesus, especially during this beautiful and sacred Holy Week.

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