I’m very excited because I had my first glimpse of an FCJ Sister on national TV!

I was tuning in partway to the ABC’s Compass with Geraldine Doogue presenting a bulletin on Pope Francis entitled, White Smoke A New Pope.

To my surprise, one of the people interviewed was Sr Christine Anderson FCJ, of the Province of Europe. And it reminds me in a visible way: these faithful companions really are women in the world, and a formidable voice at that, heeding Marie Madeleine’s call to be fully engaged in the world.

To watch a preview of the episode, click here.

Otherwise, it may be viewable from the ABC’s iView or on Tuesday 9 August at 1.30 pm AEST.

Please share with us, your thoughts on the program by commenting below!

2 thoughts on “FCJ on TV

  1. I was finally able to watch the episode in full and am proud to be part of a beautiful faith. I am so pleased with the insights presented, and am so proud that Christine was included. More quotes to come!

    You can read the full transcript here.

  2. I saw the tv programme as well! As you say Christine has a formidable voice…and great insights into the modern Church.

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