A Conversation With God

God Delights In YouI recently came across an exercise of the imagination, where God speaks and you are invited to respond. I suggest going through each point slowly, savouring each with a deep breath and pause. However many you respond to is of course, yours to decide. But let the gentle and loving, forgiving and understanding voice of God speak to you, from this excerpt from a book called God Delights In You by John T. Catoir:

  • You don’t have to be clever to please Me. Just speak to Me as you would to anyone who cares about you.
  • Are there any people you want to pray for? Tell Me their names and ask for as much as you want. I am generous. Trust Me to do what I know is best.
  • Tell Me about your pride, your touchiness, your self-centeredness, your laziness. I still love you in spite of all your faults. Do not be ashamed in My presence. There were many saints in heaven who had the same faults as you. They prayed, and little by little their faults were corrected.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for blessings for body and mind, for health, memory and success. I can give everything.
  • Tell me about your failures, and I will show you the cause of them. What are your worries? Who has caused you pain? Tell Me about it. Forgive them and I will bless you.
  • Are you afraid of anything? Have you any tormenting, unreasonable fears? Trust yourself to Me. I am here and will not leave you.
  • Have you no joys to share with Me? Tell Me about them. What has happened since yesterday to cheer your spirit and comfort you? Whatever it was, big or small, remember that I prepared it for you. Show Me your gratitude.
  • Are there temptations bearing heavily upon you? Yielding to them always disturbs the peace of your soul. Ask Me, and I will help you overcome them.
  • Well, go along now. Get on with your work or play. Try to be humbler, more submissive, kinder to others. Come back soon and bring Me a more devoted heart. Tomorrow I shall have more blessings for you.

One thought on “A Conversation With God

  1. Reblogged this on St. Val the Eccentric and commented:
    My own life still swirls in chaotic directions (e.g., “How it really is 2.0” happened today), but this is a powerful post and worthy of consideration. Blessings, VKS

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