Migrations: Pilgrimage of Faith and Hope


Image credit | ‘Crowd’ by James Cridland

19-25 August is Migrant and Refugee Week.

A media release from the Catholic Migrant Office reads:

Australian Catholic Migrant and Refugee Office (ACMRO) will launch their annual Parish Resource for the celebration of Migrant and Refugee Week (19-25 August) at Australian Catholic University in Strathfield on 19 August at 10am.

The Parish Resource is developed each year by ACMRO as a way of sharing and encouraging reflection on crucial information about migration, and the teaching of the Catholic Church in this area.

This year’s theme for the resource is taken from Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s Message for the World Day for Migrants and Refugees: “Migrations: Pilgrimage of Faith and Hope.”

Bishops’ Delegate for Migrants and Refugees Bishop Gerard Hanna says that migration is deeply linked with faith, and that this year’s parish resource reflects that.

“Faith and hope are inseparable in the hearts of many migrants, who deeply desire a better life and not infrequently try to leave behind the “hopelessness” of an unpromising future. During their journeys, many of them are sustained by the deep trust that God never abandons his children and this certainty makes the pain of their uprooting and separation more tolerable and even gives them the hope of eventually returning to their country of origin”, he said in a letter introducing the resource.

The kit was designed by students from ACU National who each year volunteer to create an inspiring design.

The front cover design is based on the theme “Migrations: Pilgrimage of Faith and Hope” and the design was inspired by people around the world who are helping migrants and refugees, and images of migrating birds are representative of people who are on a pilgrimage or journey.

The resource includes the Holy Father’s message for Migrant and Refugee Sunday; a message from Bishop Hanna; migration statistics; a game for students on migrant life; a migration story; Catholic Social Teaching on mandatory immigration detention; the Sunday Gospel and Homily suggestions, as well as prayers in a number of different languages.

Download “Migrations: Pilgrimages of Faith and Hope” parish resource for the 99th World Day of Migrants and Refugees here.

For media enquiries, please contact Beth Doherty on 0407 081 256 or media@catholic.org.au | Source: Catholic Religious Australia

We remember and pray for all those who are travel in search of a better life, and especially for the asylum seekers. We also pray for policy makers and governmental leaders to open their hearts to the plight of these people.

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