FCJ General Chapter 2013

FCJ Sisters - General Chapter 2013 | Keeping-Company.comFCJ General Chapter 2013

As a religious congregation, the Faithful Companions of Jesus Sisters have General Chapters, in which representatives from around the world gather together to pray, to reflect and to discern the ways forward that will enhance the mission of the Order.

Upcoming, from 9th October – 1st November inclusive, is the 2013 General Chapter, to be held at Loyola Hall, Liverpool in the UK.

Please keep all participants, delegates and contributors in your prayer. We invite you to pray along with us, the following:

Loving God,

Thank you for the gift of your Son,
through whom we are united as companions.
Throughout all of life’s decisions,
but with special intention during the FCJ General Chapter of 2013,
we ask that your Holy Spirit guide each heart with courage and confidence,
to always choose that, which leads each one and all to love Jesus more deeply, to know him more intimately and to follow him more closely. [SPEX #104].

Marie Madeleine, mother and foundress,
pray for us.


Keeping-Company.com FCJ SistersFor more information on the Chapter, to subscribe to updates or to leave a message for the Sisters, please go to the FCJ General Chapter 2013 web page.

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