Prayer | For Students

Keeping Company,, prayerHigh school final exams are approaching. University assessments are underway. Here is a Prayer for Students, which the senior classes of our two FCJ Colleges (Genazzano FCJ and Benalla FCJ) will receive, as a token of our support. We are circulating these, assigning each student to a prayer partner from within the Society, the Companions in Mission (CiM) and the office staff.

As the good Jesuits from Ireland have made clear: “When you pray, you are never alone. You are part of a global community.” And so for you and for you to pass along:

A Prayer for Students
Loving God,
I ask to know your presence
In all that I do,
in all that I think,
and in all that I say.
Guide my hands, my eyes and my ears
In my writing, reading and listening.
Still my heart, calm my nerves
And inspire me through your Spirit.

With thanks for the gift of learning
And for the privilege of education
May I never forget
That no matter the outcome,
All the work I do is yours.


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