God never tires of us

Consider the following, from a recent report on the homily given by Pope Francis on 13th October, in the National Catholic Reporter:

Fortunately, the Christian knows that “we can be unfaithful, but he [God] cannot: He is ‘the faithful one,’” he added.

One woman in the crowd shed tears as Pope Francis said that God in his mercy “never tires of stretching out his hand to lift us up, to encourage us to continue our journey, to come back and tell him of our weakness, so that he can grant us his strength.”

“This is the real journey: to walk with the Lord always, even at moments of weakness, even in our sins.”

God never tires of us. Amen.

3 thoughts on “God never tires of us

  1. This is a good word, but can be a hard word to deal with sometimes — because not remembering this, owning this, holding fast to this points to the idea that we’ve been framing God in human terms. God’s perfect live and faithfulness can sometimes be most hard to grasp by those who most desperately need it.

  2. Reblogged this on St. Val the Eccentric and commented:
    Still here, but trying to adjust (and cope) with just too much change and upheval in life. This is a good word, and it blessed my day. May it bless yours as well.

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