Strong Women, Strong Men

Something to reflect on: “Perhaps we can speak of strong men alongside strong women who both share the gifts of God and produce the fruits of goodness, justice, self-reflection, and vulnerability.” | Andy Otto

God In All Things

(This was originally posted on 2 July 2012)

Look, I’m a feminist, which means that I’m all for equality between men and women. But you’ll often hear feminists talk about “strong women”. I’ve been found to say that from time to time as well. “Mother Teresa was a strong woman.” “Dorothy Day was a strong woman.” Yes, women who stand up in the sight of God for goodness and justice and endure the hardships that come with such a fight are indeed strong women. But what I realised is that I don’t often hear people talking about “strong men” in quite the same way.

It’s as if we assume men are generally strong; there’s no need to say it. Shouldn’t we assume women are just as strong? I think we go out of our way to call women strong because it’s counter-cultural. It goes against the grain of gender stereotypes…

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