The World as Icon

I was greeted this morning by this sight:


Yes, indeed, the world is charged with God’s holy grandeur, and nature serves as icons into the divine.  I invite you then perhaps for prayer today, to make it a priority or conscious effort to contemplate something from nature.

However, try to remember that:

When you are standing in front of an icon, it is as if you are looking through a window into the heavenly world of the mystery. But this is a two-way window. As you look though the window, you are also being seen with the eyes of love by those in the icon. It’s like you become a part of the mystery that the icon seeks to express.

Give thanks from the heart. And let God take you in loving embrace.

Icons as Religious Art

One thought on “The World as Icon

  1. How very beautiful…I often think of the Eucharist as “a two way window”…You have given me something more to think about…

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