The World as Icon #2

Waking up in a different neighbourhood is an interesting experience. I walked down to Mass this morning like one of the locals, but took in the sights and sounds of the residential streets, as if fresh air. Although this is still Melbourne, still the same city, I could not help but feel such newness.

One of the things that stood out for me was this tree:


Image: Australia, by Geralyn Tan for Keeping Company. 2013

And I thought to myself, “My, my, Australia, with your eucalypt and gum nut. No where else in the world is there a place like you.”

So today, I pray for Australia, for all its inhabitants, and especially for its people who share the responsibility for its protection, sustainability and continuity.

For our leaders and policy makers, for the poor and disaster-struck among us and for those who long to call Australia home.

As a nation, may we strive to live out the words of our anthem, always in a spirit of hospitality and generosity, for indeed it is true that “we’ve boundless plains to share.”


3 thoughts on “The World as Icon #2

  1. It’s amazing how we can always find that newness all around us. Normally a nomadic-traveler-type, I’ve been in the same small city all year. I walk everywhere due to being legally blind and unable to pass the vision test for drivers license (there isn’t any public transport here). If I take the same path for a week, the day I take a different path towards downtown almost always brings that feeling of “newness” you describe.

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