The Haiyan Typhoon…Moves us to more compassionate solidarity…

Our thoughts and prayers (and hearts) continue to be with the people of the Philippines, and not forgetting our Sisters and their community in Manila. Please read this moving post by Sr Clare.

FCJ Sisters' Blog

haiyanLike so many of you I am stunned by the unfolding disaster in Central Philippines, the Visayas.  Thanks to modern media we can see vivid and heart rending scenes of grief in the face of devastating loss of human life, destruction and damage.  Perhaps, like you, I want to do more than pray – in some way I want to give of myself, to stand alongside our sisters and brothers in the Philippines who are hurting so deeply – and give – until it hurts me too.

One of the things our our newly written Chapter Directions is urging us to is to ” more compassionate solidarity”…For me this means to BE IN COMPASSIONATE SOLIDARITY with others…It is a life stance, a way of living…Let us give what we can, yes of course (and quickly and go on giving when we are tempted by the busyness of life to forget…

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