Prayer: For Looking Beyond the Visible

The following are the words of fellow blogger, Cookie, in response to the image of Pope Francis embracing the disfigured man. Her post touches on the importance of recognition – of being present to another, and in that, recognising them as who they are in the love of God.

Keeping Company Pope Francis

Photo credit: Unknown

Prayer for Looking Beyond the Visible

May we, may I,
Look beyond the visible surface of appearance, reaching out to those who yearn to be touched and loved and connected; to those who just wish to be sure of the companionship of another human being who recognizes that they too are human beings, longing for recognition and for the connection of a deep intrinsic bond – to touch and be touched; to love and be loved.

Amen, Amen

One thought on “Prayer: For Looking Beyond the Visible

  1. Thank you again…Every now and then we are given leaders who truly lead by example…May we all have the courage to follow good example…Wherever we find it…

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