Finding God in the Rain


Photo: Geralyn Anderson, Nov 2013

It’s unseasonably wet for this time of year in Melbourne. This week, the weather is mistakeable for winter, despite being in the middle of November.

I stayed overnight at the FCJs’ last week and walked down to Mass at the Redemptorist monastery. As I proceeded to leave, I saw a friend of mine who was surprised to see me. He greeted me with a smile, and after exchanging a few words, he noticed the rain and so went to get me an umbrella.

I didn’t really need it but I accepted his gift and head off.

The beautiful thing is the grace of kindness, compassion and now, memory. His one simple and seemingly unnecessary act of wholehearted warmth toward me, has given me a blessing that far outlasts the incident.

So to him, I thank you.

Perhaps you can reflect on the simple, unassuming ways of giving, of blessing and of generosity in your day today. Have I received or will I give?

One thought on “Finding God in the Rain

  1. What a lovely thought…What a great idea to look out for small blessing in our day – and for opportunities to be a blessing or give a blessing to others! I’m on the lookout!

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