Testing the Spirits


Pope Francis on the Christian’s role in ‘testing the spirits’:

  • The task and duty of a Christian, a counsel for life, is to remain in the Lord, which means following the path of Christ.
  • Vigilance in this is necessary.
  • To remain in the Lord requires that we attend to what’s happening in our own hearts.
  • Our hearts always have desires, cravings and thoughts. The point is that we are to discern from where these desires, cravings and thoughts come from – from God or not from God?
  • If a thought or desire takes you along the road of humility and abasement, of service to others, then it is from Jesus.
  • Do not to trust every spirit, but test the spirits.
  • Ask, and continue to ask yourself: what do I think about this? How do I feel? What do I want?
  • To accept it all, without discernment, is dangerous territory.
  • Pray – ask in prayer – for the graces to be attentive to our hearts, to choose wisely and to remain in the Lord.

So many times, our heart is a road, everything passes there… Put it to the test! And do I always choose the things that come from God? Do I know which are the things that come from God? Do I know the true criterion by which to discern my thoughts, my desires? Let us think of this, and let us not forget that the criterion is the Incarnation of the Word. The Word is come in the flesh: this is Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ who was made man, God made man, who lowered Himself, humbled Himself for love, in order to serve all of us. | Pope Francis, 8 January 2014

You can read the report from which these points have been taken by clicking here.

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