what is success?

Mary is a fellow blogger and Twitter follower, and a member of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. She is a constant inspiration in her passion for helping others and her posts often instill in me personally, a greater desire to live our Christian calling to be ‘magis’ people – to know Christ more deeply, to follow him more closely and to love him more completely.

Internal Resistance

For a while now, I’ve resisted the question “what does it mean to be successful?” In my work and life I don’t find it’s the right question. At ReOrientation for JVC I shared this while talking about what success means to us in a small group. Another JV pressed me on this point. So.

What is success?

Success is getting up every day I don’t want to because my heart hurts immeasurably. Success is being present to this moment and

this moment and

this moment–

when in all of those moments part of my heart is still at a space that no longer exists but in my heart and the hearts of those who were a part of it.

Success is continuing to choose to care. It is living with love, with joy.

Success is never forgetting.

Success is every time I find my voice, know my truth, and speak it.

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