Reblog | Love: The Catalyst of Spiritual Evolution

In light of recent events in our part of the world, with vigils being held across the country in prayer, solidarity and peaceful protest for more humane asylum seeker policies,more compassionate acts and more decent approaches toward our fellow human beings, I wish to share something from our blog-friend William, that he reposted on his site.

The original post is entitled Love: The Catalyst of Spiritual Evolution and can be found in full on

The Green Hills Philosopher, but for now, I will share some main points in support of yesterday’s action in standing with asylum seekers.

For Jesuit philosopher, Teilhard de Chardin, to cite the article:

…The human condition necessarily leads to the voluntary psychic unity of humankind. He also acknowledged that evolution is an ascent toward consciousness and therefore, signifies a continuous upsurge toward what he called the Omega Point, which for all intents and purposes, is God.

In other words, love is much more than sentiment or feeling, but a unifying force within our evolution as a specie. To grow into our humanity is to grow in association with others, in relationship with others, so as to reach our fulfillment in God.

Mainstream news outlets have said relatively little so far on the hundreds of vigils held across Australia, but the thousands of lights and voices who made them happen is nothing short of a great sign of hope – if not for immediate policy change, then at the very least, for all who were present or connected in some way.

Our efforts are nothing without love, nor is our true human development. To quote from the article again, this time, from Leonardo Boff:

It is not necessary to be more religious, but more humble, more a part of nature, responsible for her sustainability, and more careful in all human activity. Humanity must return to the Earth, from which it has exiled itself, and become her guardian. Then the natural contract will be remade. And by also opening up to the Creator, humanity’s infinite thirst would be satiated, and the reward would be peace.


Image credit: Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC)

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