Spending Yourself

A lovely insight into spending (investing) love, in regards to vocation. Thank you, Andy.

God In All Things

talents When discussing discernment and vocation we frequently talk about “God’s will” and then go through a discernment process to come to a final decision. But the language of “God’s will” seems to allude that we have little say in the matter. Yet God gives us great freedom to make life choices, big and small.

The best advice comes from a scene in The Sound of Music after Maria returns to the abbey as she tries to avoid falling in love with Captain von Trapp. The Mother Abbess encourages her to explore the possibility of marriage. But Maria seemed so set on religious life; that’s where she first thought God wanted her to be. Mother Abbess says to her, “You have a great capacity to love. You must find out how God wants you to spend your love.”

The Bible is full of spending imagery. You’ve got the Parable of the…

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