Notice to all email subscribers

Hello lovely people!

It has recently come to my attention that email subscribers to Keeping Company may only be receiving partial posts.  Yesterday’s post on St Patrick for example, contained two videos, as well as two images, the latter of these,  I believe show up in the email. It would be a shame to only receive part of the message,  so while I figure out how to rectify the situation so that everything on the site comes through in your email, I ask that you kindly view each post on the website, via the links provided.

Thank you to each one for your readership,  for your responses and for your patience as we navigate our way through cyberspace.

If you have any queries,  comments or feedback,  please reply by comment or email me at:

Thank you again.


5 thoughts on “Notice to all email subscribers

  1. Der Geralyn, Thank you.I think i received them all and enjoyed the reading. Blessings, Maryrose fcJ

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