Palm Sunday Rally for Refugees

It has been one of the most memorable Palm Sundays for me, personally. In thanks to God for the many graces of today, I wish to recollect very briefly on the events of today.


Palms at the rally.

After Mass, we headed into the city for an intimate, passionate and beautiful prayer service, lead by Bishop Vincent Long, himself a former refugee to Australia.

It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces from all parts of “Catholic Melbourne”, from seminarians, to school staff, priests, sisters, families and the like.


Interior of St Patrick's Cathedral, East Melbourne

The FCJ Sisters were well-represented, with Srs Catherine Flynn, Margaret Claver Hayes, Maureen Merlo, Denise Mulcahey and Mary O’Shannessey walking with the large gathering of peaceful protesters down the streets of the Melbourne CBD.


Our banner.

Some highlights included a group of women who called out in support for the FCJs on seeing our sign, meeting and greeting with other members of the faith we wouldn’t normally otherwise meet, as well as the joyful sounds of music, singing for justice.

Thank you to each one who attended the rally, prayed with us and kept in their hearts, solidarity with those suffering, detained and inhumanely treated.

We continue to pray and work to influence the hearts of those in government and policy-making by our actions and example, as well as all those who do not stand with us. No human being is illegal.

8 thoughts on “Palm Sunday Rally for Refugees

  1. Dear Geralyn, Thank you. i’ll send on the photo Mark Clarke sent me, in case you have not seen it. Blessings, Maryrose fcJ  


  2. Thanks Geralyn It was great to be part of this groundswell of humanity, walking in solidarity with all those who suffer at the hands of our own government to our shame. MC

  3. Thank you for your thoughts, Brian. It was a fantastic day nice to be part of something where all groups are united.

  4. It’s heartening to get this good news of the rally, Geralyn. I’m appalled at the sheer cruelty of the major parties, who so conveniently have forgotten that their end (‘stop the boats’) does not justify the immoral means of inflicting maximum horror as the ultimate deterrent. Of course stopping the boats is morally (humanly) questionable anyway.

  5. Thanks Geralyn and Sisters for bringing the FCJ presence to this event! The banner was quite effective and so easy to read! Wonderful cause to rally for today and each day.
    Blessings, Ann Marie, FCJ .

  6. Yes Geralyn, it was indeed a soul stirring event. We keep up our prayer so that the powers that be will have a deep conversion!!!!! Keep up your great work. Joan

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