Reflection: Step by step (Palm Sunday 2014)


Today is Palm Sunday, also called Passion Sunday, as we mark the entry into Holy Week, where we contemplate the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ in the lead up to Easter.

Today we also gather in prayer of solidarity for all, but specifically, for the refugees and asylum seekers -who thanks to our government, have been locked up indefinitely, with little-hope-to-none of entry and welcome into Australia.

Today we take to the streets in support of asylum seekers.

But today we also recount how Jesus, the one we’ve been following, enters into Jerusalem, a city where he will inevitably meet his passion and death.

Exercise for Contemplation

Imagine you’re with Jesus. Maybe you’re leading the donkey with a rope. Perhaps you’re the one beside the donkey,and you glance over at your friend and fellow disciple of Jesus, on the other side. Perhaps you’re one of the larger group, following behind, not really being able to see much past the bodies – your only marker is our Lord, elevated on the beast of burden.

Whichever character you assume, notice the crowd around you. Notice the sand and dust brought up from under the carpet of palms and cloth. Where are you walking to? Who are you walking with? Do you know what’s really going to happen?

Now look at Jesus. His glance meets with yours. Your eyes lock for a moment and you see something in his look that strikes you in the centre of your being.

What do you see in Jesus’ eyes? What is Jesus trying to share with you, reveal to you? Having insight into this, how do you keep walking?

2 thoughts on “Reflection: Step by step (Palm Sunday 2014)

  1. Dear Geralyn, what a lovely help for all towards contemplation for today. I might see you at the cathedral. Regards and blessings. Joan

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