Let my horror change me

Thank you, Lynne.

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Who could fail to feel horror at the statement from the Nigerian Islamist militant group that the girls from Chibok were to be sold as slaves?

It is as though we are seeing the world waking up – international support, social media and internet campaigns, demonstrations are growing as the horror and personal impact of this atrocity sinks in. The hashtag #BringBackOurGirls says what many of us feel – these are not some unknown people in a foreign place, but OUR girls. They are our sisters, our daughters, abducted and being sold like cattle.

The truth is that that statement of intent to ‘sell’ girls can be made because there are people who will buy them. The hard truth is that that does not only happen in places far away from me, but in every place – women, children, men are trafficked, sold because there is a market. How complicit are we…

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One thought on “Let my horror change me

  1. Thanks for reblogging this Geralyn. Yes – we MUST change if we are to work for peace with justice!

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