Hey, how are you going?

Hey, how are you going? Are you tired? Have you felt swamped under the weight of the various tasks you have to get done? Maybe you’ve been feeling a bit under the weather? Me too.

Let’s pause for a moment to hear God’s word:


“Abide in me,” says the Lord. “Come to me with all your troubles, worries and sighs. Come to me however you are, as you are, and come and rest in me. You’ve had a tiring day at work. You’re exhausted from running errands. You don’t sleep well at night, and your baby keeps crying. Your loved one is ill and your bills are piling high, stressing you out. Whatever it is, come. Rest in me. Abide in me. Take refuge in my warm embrace and know that I love you and am with you. For in me, you are home. In me and with me, my strength is your strength, my peace, your peace. Beloved one, I bless you and embrace you.”

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