Insight: Peacemaking Calls for Courage

We recall the words of Marie Madeleine: “Have courage and confidence, but above all, great confidence. “. Today, with thanks to the Redemptorists of Australia & New Zealand’s prayer app, Bread 4 Today, we have a prayer for peace offering the following insight that peace ultimately calls for courage.

Peacemaking calls for courage to say:

  • ‘yes’ to encounter and ‘no’ to conflict;
  • ‘yes’ to dialogue and ‘no’ to violence;
  • ‘yes’ to negotiations and ‘no’ to hostilities;
  • ‘yes’ to respect and ‘no’ to provocation;
  • ‘yes’ to candour and ‘no’ to deceit.

It is a long, hard road!

Peace Road, Saudi Arabia |

Image: ‘Peace Road’ sign in Tabouk, Saudi Arabia by ChrisVSWorld, via

Let us take time to not only pray for peace, especially in the Middle East, and for all who suffer the effects of war and hostility the world over, but also to ponder how we render peace in our lives. How are we courageous men and women,  in order to become peace?    

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