Oh Music Maker,
breaker of all pre-packaged melodies,

take and receive
all my white notes, and the black ones
the full tones and semi tones,
the scales, upward and downward,
give heed to my chromatic movements.

take and receive
the sharps and flats,
the naturals, the pauses and the rests
of my ever unfolding
sacred narrative.

celestial musician,
weaver of all things new,
take and receive
the cords –
major and minor,
dominant and diminished,
the augmented and the suspended,

and the discords,
impatiently awaiting a resolution.

take and receive
the wild and tame rhythms of my life:
the allegro and the adagio,
the legato and the staccato,
the pianissimo moments, so soft and silent
that one has to get tenderly close to hear,
and the fortissimo moments,
so loud that one is tempted to
plug the ear with one’s fingertip.

take and receive
this unfinished symphony of my life

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3 thoughts on “TAKE AND RECEIVE

  1. Thanks Joan, but it is not my work. It is from the beautiful mind of Philip Chircop. You’ve met, I believe.

  2. This is so creative dear Geralyn. There is a saying “Don’t be sharp but be natural”! Joasn

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