Faithful to the End: In Memory of Sr Teresa Hennessy FCJ

Teresa Hennessy shakes hands with young Miles.

Sr Teresa Hennessy FCJ is greeted by a youngster at her Jubilee celebration, 2014.

Sr Mary Teresa Hennessy FCJ, formerly resident of the St Albans FCJ community passed away at Caritas Christi Hospice in Kew on 7 February 2015, after a long battle with cancer. She had recently celebrated 65 years of religious profession with the Faithful Companions of Jesus and this is my personal reflection of one aspect of Teresa’s life: her faithfulness.Letter from Teresa Hennessy FCJI was very touched last year in 2014, to receive a handwritten letter from Sr Teresa Hennessy FCJ. It was a welcome surprise since I hadn’t written or given her anything and thus she had ‘nothing’ to give in reply. When I opened it, it became clear, the intention of her note – it was in response to a general letter I had sent out to all the sisters for the World Day of Prayer for Vocations (full text available here). Teresa had written it in May, but it had only reached me in August. Nevertheless, I read with eager eyes, what she had to say:

Thank you for your encouragement to us in our efforts towards Vocation Promotion. Unfortunately you have caught me during a month spent mostly in hospital but Vocation Promotion has been dear to me during my 65 years as an FCJ but I was particularly impressed by the themes you proposed for us today viz. the manifestation of truthfulness in one’s living, our call to the ‘magis’ and our witness to God’s love in imitation of Pope Francis in his living his exalted office in simplicity, truth and justice.

What really made an impression on me was the next point in the letter:

…Prayer for Vocations and for Perseverance in Religious Life is the most important of my activities today… This intention seems to me of great importance particularly at this time in history when permanence is so important yet so feared by many. Yet our God is ever faithful – we know in He whom we believe and who loves us so.

It is not only life-giving and encouraging for a person in my position to receive support in the work of vocation promotion, but on a deeper level, a wonderful gift to be able to see the enduring faith and fidelity of one woman’s love for God through her vocation. In her humility and acceptance of the state of her physical life as one no longer spritely or even able-bodied as she once was, Sr Teresa still embodied and lived out faithfulness to her vocation, to God and to her sisters, to the end.

Before she moved to Caritas Christi Hospice, which was to be her final residence in this life, I had the honour and privilege of meeting and conversing with her. She took the condition of her illness with courage and even grateful acceptance for the life she had lived and for the people whom she had encountered.

I was very proud to be a messenger to her on one occasion, after having met Bishop Eugene Hurley of the Darwin Archdiocese. He had asked me to send Teresa his regards and to tell her to contact him. They had worked together years ago in the Philippines and Teresa began to tell me of their wonderful friendship in those days. A few days later when I checked on her, she had told me that she was just sitting down to finish her letter to him.

Despite her limited capacity to do very much toward the end of her life, she did what she could do, with the utmost care and sincerity of heart, echoing the words of another (Blessed) Teresa: “In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.”

I am sorry to have not known Sr Teresa for long or to have enjoyed a greater level of intimacy with her, but for what she has given me and for the small moments we’ve exchanged, I remain grateful and inspired to in my own way, be faithful to the end.

-Geralyn Anderson, February 2015.

Perhaps you have memories of Sr Teresa? You’re welcome to share them in the comments below.

13 thoughts on “Faithful to the End: In Memory of Sr Teresa Hennessy FCJ

  1. It is so very warm and encouraging to read again the lovely tributes to such a very wonderful woman in Teresa. It was my privilege to take her communion each day while she was with us here at Moonbria Ave. I will never forget her words of encouragement to me and in my being able to be a presence to her in those difficult and painful days. I miss her we all miss her and she has left quite a void in our lives here and in our Province.

  2. Her name is Margaret O’Rourke Geralyn. I will ask her to look for you. Yes we re getting Fr Pat. I am looking forward to working with him.

  3. Thank you for the kind invitation Geralyn. I am on Bathurst Island,NT ,however, my sister is looking at options to get there. I have the details from Holy Eucharist parish.

  4. Thank you for writing, Theresa. If you can make it, you’re welcome to join us for the funeral next Monday 16 Feb. Let me know if you’d like more details. Thanks

  5. I was very sorry to hear of the passing of Sr Teresa Hennessy. She was my second cousin and over the years we lost touch. I have happy memories of her from my childhood and as an adult working in an Indigenous community, I understand a little of her calling and hold her in great respect. I wish all FCJ sisters and members of Holy Eucharist Parish my condolences.

  6. Thank you Geralyn for your loving words spoken from the heart speaking and sharing of our much loved Teresa. She certainly was a true missionary at heart and an apostolic woman.
    About two months ago a number of the community sat down to write to some of our senators regarding issues which were not being addressed. Weak as she was Teresa wrote over twenty letters to my paltry ten. She never stopped praying for a peaceful outcome for the asylum seekers, those caught up in trafficking and many other just causes. She was a truly valiant and courageous woman.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing. It is wonderful to have little snippets to piece together. I too hope that she continues her prayer. Thank you again, for sharing.

  8. Thank you Geralyn for your witness to S. Teresa. I met her in Manila, and never forgot her, she was working with Payatas families,in great difficulties, L she was totally devoted to them with so much generosity and love. Back home, she would always be ready to render a service and probably she was very tired. She was totally given to LOVE. A woman of prayer, an apostolic woman, a woman of love! She is now singing God’s glory and love. Let us pray her she may sent new FCJ on earth! Let us rejoice with her and thank God for her life!

  9. Teresa was indeed a valiant woman who never faltered in her love for Jesus ,her faithful Companion. I first met Marie Therese as she was then called, in Benalla,
    where she was in charge of about 40+ year 7 students.As a very new student teacher, I found her very supportive and encouraging of my early attempts to teach. Sr. Marie Therese also taught music (piano) to individual students before school, after school, and “in the cracks” of her timetable.
    She was a good cook and I remember one occasion when the regular cook was ill, somehow, despite her teaching load, by lunchtime, Teresa managed to organise a meal for the community(17+) .God is never outdone in generosity. We are blessed to have known Teresa as our companion and friend throughout the years. May Teresa rejoice forever with our ever loving God.

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