Video: I Love You and You are Mine

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Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of a time of solemnity in Lent where the focus is on repentance.

For your prayer and reflection, I offer you a chance to listen to the song,  “You Are Mine”, by David Haas. I invite you to focus on the words:

I love you and you are mine.

Recall a relationship where you felt loved. Savour what it is like to feel such intimacy. Know that in that experience, God continually calls you by name, and calls you into union with him.

The video can be found here, with lyrics and contemplative visuals, from YouTube.

One thought on “Video: I Love You and You are Mine

  1. Thank you, Geralyn. It is a very beautiful and prayerful hymn, paired with beautiful images of nature. I found it helpful. Blessings, Maryrose fcJ

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