Too Pretty to be a Nun?

Angela Svec has been told she’s too pretty to be a nun.


Image via Huffington Post

But on the Huffington Post blog, she writes:

Their questions have forced me to confront my self-image. Who do I see in the mirror? How do I appear in God’s eyes? How does one affect the other?

Angela Svec is a visually stunning woman. And it does make you stop and think. But her questions remain true of all of us: who do I see in the mirror? How does God see me? And what is the difference?

4 thoughts on “Too Pretty to be a Nun?

  1. Angela, God bless you! You just stick to your guns and follow your heart. We need more people like you in the religious life – in the world, too! Lots of luck and happiness to you as you pursue this wonderful spiritual endeavor. Remember God has your back!

  2. I notice her super expressing eyes which makes her beautiful, and a lovely smile which makes her attractive. Beauty does not last long, and beauty of heart is so much more important whatever the life you choose to live. Have a good day beautiful ladies!

  3. Yes, she is indeed pretty-beautiful, but I believe we are each beautiful in the Lord’s eyes. Beauty comes from deep within.

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