Video: Myriam’s Song

This post contains a video. If you’re receiving this via email and cannot see it, please click through to the blog page itself.

At ten years of age, Myriam finds herself living in a refugee camp. However despite her circumstances, her faith and wisdom beyond, and nothing short of a manifestation of God’s grace.

We can learn so much from Myriam: about love, friendship, forgiveness and being faithful in a very human and at-times, very broken world.

2 thoughts on “Video: Myriam’s Song

  1. This child is touched by Our Lord. When I was 10, I had simple faith but none like this! May He keep her and all those persecuted, violated, and in harm’s way in the palm of His hand.

  2. Very touching video! Thanks for sharing it with us all. God bless all –especially the children– in the many refugee camps!

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