Insight: Praying at the Computer

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down at the computer to work, knowing that someone else is spending their time doing the exact same thing. It reminds me of my university days where any number of my peers would be at their screens researching, procrastinating and sometimes writing their essays.

In quiet celebration of this awareness, I bring it into the present moment by a small ritual: I light a candle and play some reflective music. I offer my efforts in prayer and I feel the presence of the other, keeping me company in her own work day.

Keeping CompanyAs we sit down today and work at our computers, may God’s blessings and Spirit guide our hearts, minds and bodies to do what we have to do.


Performing simple but sincere acts can often bring us to an awareness of the Divine Presence. Where have you been conscious of another’s company? Do you have a small ritual that you can use to remind yourself that you are at any given moment – in this present moment – and always in the holy presence of God?

3 thoughts on “Insight: Praying at the Computer

  1. Thank you, Geralyn. I found this helful…………..I sometimes begin with my favorite Jesus prayer.
    Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, be to me Jesus and save me.

    Maryrose fcJ

  2. I pray: “Lord God, I place my trust in you. Please guide, help and protect me. Please fill me with you light, love and peace. May only You light, love and peace come through me to those whom I meet and touch”.

  3. …. at my computer replying… thanks, Geralyn, for the wise thoughts!

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