The Feast of the Sacred Heart

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crucifixion-clipart-0512-0711-1515-3512Today’s feast is celebration of the love of God, the God  who ‘loves us forever despite our sinfulness’ (Pope Francis). It is a sign of the open-heartedness of Jesus. 

On the Feast of the Sacred Heart 1816, Marie Madeleine (FCJ Foundress) as praying before the crucifix when she heard the words of Jesus on the cross as though spoken directly to her. ‘I Thirst’. She understood that Jesus’ thirst and love for all people was to become her own.

I was deeply moved by these words. I knelt in adoration and offered myself to God with my whole heart for all that he asked of me. (Marie Madeleine – FCJ Foundress)

In our own time it is not difficult to recognise some of the ways in which Jesus is thirsting in our world. There are countless news items that draw our hearts and lead us to compassion. Perhaps the challenge for each of us…

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