“Let’s Share”: Ramadan in Dunkin Donuts

A friend came over recently and we shared donuts. We engaged in conversation. We broke bread. Com pain. Companionship.


For our Muslim brothers and sisters, it is the holy month of Ramadan, where from sunrise to sundown, they partake in a total fast and abstinence. In recognition, I invite you to listen to this audio clip, highlighting one man’s experience during Ramadan. I won’t say much more, except to encourage you to listen carefully; first to the words to let it paint a picture for you, then to what I’ll describe, as a poignant silence. From there, let’s listen to what this says to our hearts. Ameen.

Listen to Day 7, Revealing Ramadan: Adnan Onart – Ramadan in Dunkin Donuts by On Being Studios





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