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I’ve set up an Instagram account to blog/post a photo a day to celebrate Ignatian spirituality. You’re welcome to have a look or if you’re on Instagram, by following @fcjAustralia.

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Hello, Instagram! To play along with #LoyolaPress and to celebrate #IgnatianSpirituality and #31dayswithIgnatius, yours truly has decided to post a picture-a-day, Ignatian style. It's already 2 July, I realise I'm always late, so I'll make up for it with 2 posts today. ————– #day1of31withiggy: One of the first things I learnt about Ignatian spirituality was the gift of #noticing. Yesterday I noticed this tiny #leaf on the ground, dotted with #raindrops. I lost some trying to pick up said leaf, but was still able to delight in its wonder. #31dayswithIgnatius #findingiggy #IgnatianSpirituality #july #creation #nature #water #rain #winter #fcjasau #fcj #keepingcompany #walkwithyoufcj

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