Day 12 of #31DaysWithIgnatius


I still have a fever so it’s been a little more difficult to concentrate. What I am so #grateful for though, is the way #love is about giving and receiving. A loving relationship is a mutual one, in which there is a rhythm of life, much like deep calm breathing. 💓

#31dayswithIgnatius #gift #receive#gratitude #life #living #mindfulness#examen #marriage

In celebration of Ignatian Spirituality, and to mark the feast of St Ignatius of Loyola (31 July), I have taken on the challenge of posting a picture a day that speaks to me of the lessons learned from all things ‘Ignatian’; including ‘finding God in all things.’ Here it is, as posted on Instagram (@fcjAustralia).

6 thoughts on “Day 12 of #31DaysWithIgnatius

  1. The chocolate would have irritated my throat, but I’m actually much better now. Love Melbourne water. We’re so blessed to have it.

  2. Thank you for persevering, Geralyn. I hope you soon feel 100%.
    Maryrose fcJ

  3. May you feel better soon. Thanks for your sharings. Blessings, Sr. Ann Marie, FCJ Calgary

  4. Maybe you need some chocolate today and plenty to drink, probably not wine tho’ as we have good water here. Ignatius experienced a good deal of sickness, some of it self inflicted, until he learned what God really wanted, not what he wanted to do for God.

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