Day 18 of #31DaysWithIgnatius


Have been thinking about my #motives today; about my intentions, and why I do the things I do. I’ve tried to be as Mary, to evaluate the#inner, rather than jump from one task to the next task, like Martha. What it comes down to is this reminder and challenge: to clothe oneself with kindness, #compassion, tenderness and mercy. To serve from a place of love, yes, but not without first attending to Love by sitting still.

#31dayswithIgnatius #marymartha #gospel#reflection #meditation #self #awareness#prayer #ignatian #mercy #love #Jesus

In celebration of Ignatian Spirituality, and to mark the feast of St Ignatius of Loyola (31 July), I have taken on the challenge of posting a picture a day that speaks to me of the lessons learned from all things ‘Ignatian’; including ‘finding God in all things.’ Here it is, as posted on Instagram (@fcjAustralia).

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