FCJ Society


“Look, I have opened a door before you…”

Beyond the open door our attention is drawn to great gatherings of people, many of them impoverished, trafficked, marginalized, despairing or far from their own country. With them, we cry out for justice. We are aware too of so many, especially young adults, asking questions about faith and the meaning of their lives and looking for companions to walk with them. Held in their gaze and sensing the gaze of God upon us, we desire to be the gentle human face of God among them. Dare we be women of outrageous hope?

The confidence to dare rises from the heart of our charism of companionship: an amazing gift for our world today. This companionship urges us to communion, embracing all persons and all things, excluding no-one and no thing from our love and compassion. It urges us to witness to gentleness and reconciliation in a growing culture of violence. It urges us to collaboration and mutuality.

FCJ Chapter Decree, 2008-2013

In Australia, some of the ministries that our Sisters are involved in include:

  • Outreach and care for society’s marginalised, including Asylum seekers and refugees, immigrants and the poor.
  • Advocacy and causes for social justice, for example with ACRATH.
  • Parish and pastoral care, including sacramental programs, prayer groups, hospital visitation or presence in the local parish or hospice.
  • Education – Even though there are no longer Sisters on the staff of Genazzano and Benalla there is still an FCJ presence there both for staff and students, past and present. FCJ Sisters are Directors on both of the College Councils.
  • Ministry to young people: This happens through Magis, Vocation Promotion and chaplaincy at RMIT.
  • Accompanying the elderly: several are involved in this ministry especially by visiting aged care centres.
  • Spiritual Direction and retreat-giving.

Regardless of location, age or ministry, the FCJ Sisters in Australia are all committed to the ideals of the Society, especially through accompaniment, hospitality and service.