Ignatian Spirituality

The spirituality of the FCJ Sisters draws from the legacy of Marie Madeleine, who was attracted to the Jesuit way of life. In her Memoirs, she recounts:

Suddenly, as if unrolled before my eyes, I saw what God asked of me: 1. To be a Jesuit; 2. To form establishments for the education of children; 3. The work of retreats; 4. Missions. Father Sellier told me to rest assured that God had made known his will on these matters…

Ever since my first journey to St Acheul’s, our Lord had given me a great love for the Jesuits. I could not help envying the happy lot of these holy religious. I frequently shed abundant tears thinking of their happiness.

– Marie Madeleine d’Houët, Memoirs, 1981 (English edition).

Ignatian spirituality derives its name from St Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). It is a form of spirituality that is at once reflective and active; contemplative and apostolic; calling for inner depth as well as action.

Ignatian spirituality is holistic in that it integrates religious experience, rationality, and affectivity in the process of coming to discover the lead of God, and it is experiential in that it is grounded in the concrete movements of our inner lives as we respond to the events of daily life. – Wilkie Au, The Ignatian Method: A Way of Proceeding, 2010.

The Ignatian way of being however integrative, is held together by some key points. Timothy Muldoon lists them as:

  • The First Principle and Foundation – we are created to praise, glorify, and serve God, and by this means to achieve our eternal destiny
  • God in all things – God is not distant, but with us in everything
  • Walking with Jesus – Jesus’ story is our story
  • Consolation and Desolation – the directions in which the spiritual life takes us
  • Social Justice – in compassion, reaching out to others and advocacy, for the betterment of the world

The FCJs and Companions-in-Mission live out these Ignatian principles daily, and in a multitude of ways. It is spirituality that informs our choices and shapes our work.

You are warmly invited and encouraged to find your own way of living out these principles, in harmony with God at any of our prayer sessions.

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