OSB Boards for Woodworking Available At Alibaba

by Isaiah

OSB Board is also known as Oriented Strand Board is a sustainable material that only involves less wood wastage compared to timber. The best feature of an osb board is that is it recyclable and once it is recycled it can be made into other types of boards as well. It is also said to be cheaper than other materials, especially Plywood.

In this article, we will be seeing about OSB Board and the basics of OSB Board, its types in detail, what can be used to make an OSB board and the best place to buy OSB Boards.

Types of OSB board

We will now see the types of OSB boards in detail which include OSB 1, OSB 2, OSB 3, and OSB 4.


Oriented Strand Board 1 which is also known as OSB 1 is a type of OSB board that uses an adhesive resin type called urea-formaldehyde which is non-structural and non-waterproof. It is used for general purposes such as interiors and furniture mostly in dry conditions and dry environments.


Oriented Strand Board 2 which is also known as OSB 2 is a type of OSB board that uses an adhesive resin type called isocyanate for the inner parts while it uses phenol formaldehyde on the outside parts which makes it makes it structural and waterproof only on the outside. Similar to OSB 1 it is used in dry conditions and dry environments.


Oriented Strand Board 3 which is also known as OSB 3 is a type of OSB board that is the most used board among these four OSB boards. It is widely used to panel the walls. Usually, workshops are built with walls made of OSB 3. These boards range from 8mm to 18mm thick. These are used in support bearing in humid environments.


Oriented Strand Board 4 which is also known as OSB 4 is a type of OSB board that uses an adhesive resin type called phenol-formaldehyde both on the inner regions and surface areas completely making them ideal to use in damp and outside conditions.

What Can Be Made Using OSB Board

We will now move on to the discussion on what can OSB Board be used for. These include wall partitioning, shelves, roof decking, and sheathing walls, and floors.

Wall Partitioning

Since OSB Boards are not only considered strong enough to carry their own weight but can also be strong enough to carry the weight of other fixtures making them an ideal material for wall partitioning. You can buy OSB Boards from Alibaba for your house wall partitioning.


The shelving material is considered extremely important so one is required to pay attention to that. OSB boards are thicker and heavier compared to all other boards which are considered an advantage to make shelves out of OSB boards.

Roof Decking

OSB board’s shear strength is regarded as an ideal quality for roof decking. Shear strength is about how much of a load can a piece of wood handle before it faces shear stress and slips away. OSB board is said to have double the amount of shear strength as Plywood making it highly recommended for roof decking.

Sheathing Walls and Floors

One can sheathe walls and floors using OSB boards because it provides structural support. It is also strong and durable making it highly favorable. The texture of the wood adds to the visual element giving it a fine touch.


Alibaba is the best place to buy OSB board because it caters according to the Applicable Industries (Manufacturing Plant, Woodwork, Building Material Shops, Machinery Repair Shops, Home Use, and more), and the usage such as Furniture, Door Core, Plywood Production, Particle Board Production, OSB Production, and a lot more options.

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