Stunning Features Of Crepe Fabric For Daily Use

Stunning Features Of Crepe Fabric For Daily Use

Fresh Feeling

Crepe fabric is a versatile fabric manufactured from various fibers like silk, wool, or synthetic. The word is derived from the verb ‘crepe’, which means ‘to crease’ in French. When the crepe fabric is tightly stretched over a frame, the result is a floppy structure that, when viewed from the side, resembles a series of waves or creases. Crepe drapes beautifully, exuding an air of sophistication and elegance.

In this article, you will get to know about the various features of crepe fabric and its different types. By the end of the article, you can find out where you can buy your own crepe fabric at great deals.

Features of Crepe Fabric

High Versatility

Crepe fabric is a highly versatile fabric that can be put to use for many purposes especially clothing like suits, gowns, pants, and tops, and also for house usages like curtains and pillows. Crepe fabrics are commonly used for making scarves and shawls due to the reason that they drape well and are quite elastic.

High Stretching Capacity

The crepe fabric can be characterized as one of the most stretchable and durable fabrics. They are soft and have a unique texture which makes them perfect for clothes that require high levels of stretching like leggings. These versatile fabrics can be stretched over a long period of time without losing their shape or appearance.

Breathy Material

Crepe fabrics are an excellent choice if you want to go for a breathable material to wear. They are perfect as summer garments and can be helpful in avoiding any possible irritation of the skin due to high temperatures. Organic crepe fabric is the most breathable among all other types of crepes, however, all crepe fabrics provide you with enough ventilation.

Sustainable Material

Owing to the fact that these fabrics are biodegradable in nature, they are considered to be sustainable, as compared to synthetic fibers like rayon and polyester. Crepe is an environmentally safe fabric as they are made using earth-friendly materials and procedures.

Low Maintenance

Crepe fabrics are low maintenance which makes them perfect for home usage. They are easy to wash and can be dried by using a drier without the need for ironing or starched creases. They are also quite durable and strong as they do not get torn easily.

Heat Resistant

Crepe fabrics are heat resistant due to the fact that the structure of the fabric is made up of thousands of loops but at a very fine scale. Due to the series of tiny fibers and loops, it almost acts as a dissipater of heat as heat seems to bounce off the surface of crepe fabrics.

Unique Appearance

The texture of crepe fabrics is crimped as it has quite a crisp feel. The crepe fabric is usually thin and sheer. The wrinkled look of this fabric is what makes it look unique. The lightweight and breathable texture of the fabric makes it perfect for hot temperatures.

Fresh Feeling

The crepe fabric is one of the best moisture absorbents and is quite ideal for summertime. They offer enough ventilation and breathability so that your skin is itch free. Its moisture wicking feature helps in absorbing sweat and keeps the body cool and irritation free!

Types Of Crepe Fabric

Cotton Crepe

Cotton crepe fabric is generally thicker and has a higher thread count per square inch, which gives it a smooth and elegant look. It is a luxurious, breathable, and lightweight material that is versatile in nature as it can be worn in many different ways.

Woolen Crepe

Woolen crepe fabric is comparatively thinner than cotton crepe fabric and it has a lower thread count which makes it more sturdy than cotton crepe. Woolen crepe fabrics are usually extremely durable tissue-like fabrics and are used in making suits, jackets, and blazers.


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