A Note of Thanks



Dear readers,

The time has come to farewell my contributions here, on Keeping Company. It has been an immense joy and privilege to share my thoughts, reflections and insight into the charism of the Faithful Companions of Jesus Sisters. Thank you to each one of you, for your kind words of encouragement and support. If you wish to continue to follow me on my writing journey, you are welcome to do so.

For now, I hope that each one of you have gained something from this endeavour and that you yourselves do not stop reflecting, savouring and praying through the ins and outs of your life, on your journey with God, as I have learnt to do from this undertaking.

I leave you now, with an official statement from Sr Judith Routier fcJ, Province Leader:

The Faithful Companions of Jesus would like to thank Geralyn Anderson for initiating and maintaining this beautiful ‘Keeping Company’ blog for the past few years. The blog was a project on behalf of the fcJ sisters in Australia and through this use of social media Geralyn promoted the mission and identity of the fcJ Society to people with whom we would not otherwise be in contact.

Geralyn has posted many inspirational and creative items based on a variety of sources, not only things connected with the ministry of the fcJ sisters.  We have been moved by stories in the life of her young family, by her personal reflections, by theological and educational articles, and by insights into social justice issues. The arrival of a new Keeping Company post in my inbox was always something to which I looked forward.

The fcJ sisters wish to voice our gratitude to Geralyn and to her family, and to assure them of our prayer of blessing on their lives.

Judith Routier fcJ
Province Leader


Insight: The Slow, Patient Love (Omid Safi)


Too often, at least from personal experience, busyness gets in the way of forming and sustaining bonds. Yes, we are busy, however we are robbed in the process, of something fundamental to life: intimacy.  Omid Safi shares his thoughts on this, in this article.

What kind of love do we show? Can we be more present? More attentive? More sincere?

Notice to all email subscribers

Hello lovely people!

It has recently come to my attention that email subscribers to Keeping Company may only be receiving partial posts.  Yesterday’s post on St Patrick for example, contained two videos, as well as two images, the latter of these,  I believe show up in the email. It would be a shame to only receive part of the message,  so while I figure out how to rectify the situation so that everything on the site comes through in your email, I ask that you kindly view each post on the website, via the links provided.

Thank you to each one for your readership,  for your responses and for your patience as we navigate our way through cyberspace.

If you have any queries,  comments or feedback,  please reply by comment or email me at: fcjmap@gmail.com.

Thank you again.

Administrator,  Keeping-Company.com

Companionship in the FCJ Tradition at IgnatianSpirituality.com


Have you ever wondered how the FCJ charism lives out Ignatian spirituality? Yes? Well lucky for you, we are very happy at Keeping Company to invite you to read Companionship in the FCJ Tradition at IgnatianSpirituality.com’s dotMagis blog.

Go to:
http://www.ignatianspirituality.com/18420/companionship-in-the-fcj-tradition/ for more!

Prayer: For Looking Beyond the Visible

The following are the words of fellow blogger, Cookie, in response to the image of Pope Francis embracing the disfigured man. Her post touches on the importance of recognition – of being present to another, and in that, recognising them as who they are in the love of God.

Keeping Company Pope Francis

Photo credit: Unknown

Prayer for Looking Beyond the Visible

May we, may I,
Look beyond the visible surface of appearance, reaching out to those who yearn to be touched and loved and connected; to those who just wish to be sure of the companionship of another human being who recognizes that they too are human beings, longing for recognition and for the connection of a deep intrinsic bond – to touch and be touched; to love and be loved.

Amen, Amen