13 November (Feast of St Stanislaus Kostka): Thank You for Saying ‘Yes’


Today (13 November) is the feast of St Stanislaus Kostka SJ, patron saint of novices. I admit that I am not familiar with this saint, apart from hearing his name in passing, and upon some research, discovered that he died at the young age of seventeen. Despite his short life, and even shorter time still, within the Society of Jesus (he entered as a novice in October 1567, and died August 1568), we can still see in him, values and virtues to be admired and imitated. As such, we pause to remember and pray for all who have said ‘yes’ to God’s calling, as religious, and especially our novices within the Society of Sisters, FCJ. We thank you for being open to the Spirit of God at work within your lives, and thank you for choosing to say yes and accept the gifts and challenges that life holds.

Surrender does not come easy to most of us, yet in all of us, we are called to do just this. It is not just for those discerning a vocation, or for the youth, because we are all called to surrender to the greater dream God has for us. It takes humility and trust to be empty vessels in which to carry living water. And it takes courage and strength to be open to the workings of love within us and for us.

We continue to pray and work for the building of God’s kingdom through the formation of people. We continue to say ‘yes’ and to say, ‘thank you,’ especially to our novices and those in training.


Day 11 of #31DaysWithIgnatius


Today’s#Ignatian theme borrows from a quote from#Fcj foundress, Marie Madeleine d’Houët, who as superior of the society, wrote letters to her communities. In a letter dated #1839, she wrote: “I order her to look after herself and send her, as I am telling you to do, some #chocolate and some wine.” I believe this is a term known as #curapersonalis or care of the whole self. Since I’m unwell, may this action be my contemplation.


In celebration of Ignatian Spirituality, and to mark the feast of St Ignatius of Loyola (31 July), I have taken on the challenge of posting a picture a day that speaks to me of the lessons learned from all things ‘Ignatian’; including ‘finding God in all things.’ Here it is, as posted on Instagram (@fcjAustralia).

Insight: Peacemaking Calls for Courage

We recall the words of Marie Madeleine: “Have courage and confidence, but above all, great confidence. “. Today, with thanks to the Redemptorists of Australia & New Zealand’s prayer app, Bread 4 Today, we have a prayer for peace offering the following insight that peace ultimately calls for courage.

Peacemaking calls for courage to say:

  • ‘yes’ to encounter and ‘no’ to conflict;
  • ‘yes’ to dialogue and ‘no’ to violence;
  • ‘yes’ to negotiations and ‘no’ to hostilities;
  • ‘yes’ to respect and ‘no’ to provocation;
  • ‘yes’ to candour and ‘no’ to deceit.

It is a long, hard road!

Peace Road, Saudi Arabia | Keeping-Company.com

Image: ‘Peace Road’ sign in Tabouk, Saudi Arabia by ChrisVSWorld, via Flickr.com.

Let us take time to not only pray for peace, especially in the Middle East, and for all who suffer the effects of war and hostility the world over, but also to ponder how we render peace in our lives. How are we courageous men and women,  in order to become peace?