Link, Marie Madeleine D'Houet, FCJ Sisters

Marie Madeleine: A prayerful woman, discerning God’s will.
Image credit: Genazzano FCJ College student.

The navigation menu now includes a section on prayers we have included on this site. This page will be updated as we collect more, so please keep an eye out for any changes! We invite you to have a read through, in case you may have missed any posts. Some of them include links to the original post on the blog. Happy praying!

Write the Soul Online Retreat

We can be so busy doing the work of God that we forget to just be with God. That’s why “spiritual checking-in”, as I like to call it, is so important. Without grounding in where you are with God (and self, included), there is often the potential to lose balance. All work and no pray makes Jack, Jill and John potentially harmful by this distraction away from God. In Ignatian spirituality, we call this temptation as working or following “the angel of light”, essentially a bad spirit appearing as the good.

As such, I wish to share with you, a brilliant initiative by Vinita Hampton Wright, of LoyolaPress on her blog, Days of Deepening Friendship (for Women Growing Wiser). Below are the details:


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