Wise Words: Honestly and Gently


Wise Words: Honestly and Gently @ Keeping-Company.com

The juxtaposition of words in this quote caught my attention:

fundamental aggression toward ourselves
fundamental harm is done to ourselves
when we choose to remain ignorant (unaware, asleep)
to see ourselves honestly and gently which takes courage and respect

What does this quote say to you? Examine yourself gently, honestly and lovingly.

On Halloween


My daughter came home from school exclaiming, “Mum, we can’t have the Halloween party because we’re a Catholic school and Halloween is the devil’s birthday!”

She and her brother had been invited to a Halloween party on Sunday, where they would dress up in costume and I presume, run around talking like wart-covered witches or ghosts. Dressing up in costume is as Halloweeny as we get. Many of us Aussies haven’t quite got into the rustic, earthen, orange feel that characterises the holiday. This might be because we’re too busy preparing (I mean, bracing ourselves!) for the topsy-turvy Christmas at the end of the year, complete with bells jingling, and sleighs swishing. And do not forget, that after we’ve filled ourselves with hot roasts and brandy-drenched puddings, we sweat it through a summer that stretches right into the next year.

Halloween in Australia? Not as huge a festival as north of the equator, but admittedly growing commercially as plastic pumpkins sprout in supermarket aisles.

“Halloween is not the devil’s birthday,” I stated. “It’s actually the eve – the evening – the …e’en of All Saints’ Day.”

“Oh,” said my daughter. And off she went, relieved that we could still go to the party guilt-free.

To cut a long story short, here’s a picture I came across on Twitter.

On Halloween

Image credit: xt3.com

Sunset Panoramic – Frankston, VIC


Sunset Panoramic Frankston Victoria

Image | Geralyn Tan, October 2013.

Overlooking the horizon off the Frankston foreshore: How broad, how wide, how vast is this beauty in God’s creation. How broad, how wide and how vast God’s love for us is!

Frankston (VIC) is home to John Paul College, a regional high school, half of which was formerly Stella Maris FCJ. John Paul College still remembers its FCJ heritage through its past pupils, its connection with the Sisters, as well as having one faction of their House System called D’Houet, after FCJ Founder, Marie Madeleine d’Houët.

Who did I love today, God?


Who did I love today, God?

Word art inspired by one of James Martin SJ’s tweets makes for a creative examen of consciousness.

Who did I love, today God?

Who did you let me love?

Who did you call me to love?

Who was difficult to love?

Who loved me?

Thank you. In everything and all things, thank you, God.

Empty, Hungry, Thirsty – Feast of the Sacred Heart


heartglassConsider the following passages as we prepare to celebrate the Feast of the Sacred Heart:

Burning with true justice for those lost, hungry crowds, Jesus would give nothing less than everything – even if it cost him his life. | Frank Andersen, Eucharist: Participating in the Mystery, p.57

A little later on the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus I was at the convent of the Sacred Heart waiting for Mass. I was reflecting on the happiness of those who belong entirely to God and whose only occupation is loving and communing with him. I regretted that I was not called to Carmel. Suddenly I distinctly heard a voice coming to me from the Crucifix on the altar: “I thirst.” I was deeply moved by these words. I knelt in adoration and offered myself to God with my whole heart for all that he asked of me. | Marie Madeleine d’Höuet, Memoirs

Empty, Hungry, Thirsty

How do we work to feed, fill and nourish one another in our lives, at home, at work and in our communities? Note the ways in which we do this.

How do we let Jesus fill us? Do we let Jesus fill us? Or do we feed our hunger with other food?

Bringing all these thoughts to God, gratefully end with thanks.