Why does a pressure washer start then stops?

Why does a pressure washer start then stops?

To buy a machine for pressure cleaning is a step ahead, and maintaining it in good working condition is something else. Its true the equipment will at times develop technical issues at some moments, and the washer isn’t excluded. If you don’t know how the machine operates, you will struggle to note the problem when you are already using the machine. Some questions will flow into your mind, like why the engine stalled while working? Is the carburetor, air, or fuel filter clogged? How can one go about an issue in this machine? Or, who can assist you fix these problems?

Accept the reality that anything can happen on your machine at any time. Engine stalling, failed water pumps, and damaged nozzles can surface. You need to know how these machines work before trying to fix any mechanical problem. If you can’t troubleshoot a problem, you can replace the working parts instead of the faulty ones.

When your machine stalls, it brings a lot of inconveniences. It will be worse for you if you can’t troubleshoot the machines. You can fix some hitches at home instead of visiting any repair shop or clinic. Troubleshooting varies based on the experience with such powerful machines. It will depend if you own gasoline or electric pressure washer.

Many stalling solutions in the stalling machines target the fuel system. The standard approaches for engines powered with gasoline that die immediately after starting is at the fuel system. Here you will get knowledge on how troubleshoot and handle a technical problem if it erupts.

When engines can’t manage long working hours, many individuals think the fuel area has issues. That’s not the case unless you do extensive troubleshooting to know the exact cause of the problem.

Troubleshooting the spark arrestor

This is a tiny screen installation guarding against any fire hazards. It collects soot as it prevents the machine from emitting sparks. When it gets clogged, it will cause the engine to stall.

When the cause of the problem is the spark arrestor, clean the area with a brush. If the affected area is extreme, replace it.

Troubleshooting the fuel filter

Electric machines don’t have filters for fuel. Fuel filters clean fuel before getting into the combustion chamber or carburetor. It gets clogged after days of trapping dirt in the oil. The result is an array of problems on your machine.

When a machine starts to die, you need to clean the spark arrestor and fuel filters and replace damaged air filters. The problem can also arise from the wear and tear of the carburetor parts. Electric machines don’t have a carburetor. Carburetors will have issues if the machine stays for long without working. You need to winterize the machine even if it won’t stay running for long.

Fuel cap troubleshooting

When a fuel cap clogs, your machine will start dying. When the fuel level reduces, the air goes via the fuel cap to the gap created. A clogged fuel cap makes the machine develop ignition issues; a process called vapor lock.


You need to take good care of your machine to serve you better. You can handle some of the hitches at home to reduce expenses incurred when you seek the services of professionals.